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Our Mission:
Our mission is to promote the football freestyle and serve the community with professionalism and integrity throughout activities held in Switzerland for all.
As the official and recognized organization by the WFFA (World Football Freestyle Association) our role is to organize a national competition to attribute the official title of "Swiss Football Freestyle Champion".

Our Vision:
Our aspiration is to gather the community of freestylers
around one common mission:
The development of the sport and its strong values as way of life and means of expression.

Our Values:
Integrity - Passion - Honesty - Humility - Fun - Perseverance
Pursuit of personal excellence - Patience
Valentin Favre
President, Head of Marketing and National Competition
Marc Jonin
Vice-President, Secretary
David Stimm
Head of Swiss German
Julien Coutaz
Head of Swiss Meeting
Simon Müller
Head of International Competition
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