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The WFFA acts as the world federation of the sport, structuring Freestyle Football and organising world-class competitions. We are recognised by the WFFA as the referent body for Swiss Freestyle Football.

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Every year during the autumn holidays, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne puts together a free, varied programme for youngsters aged 6 to 15, including sports initiations, workshops combining sport and culture, and dazzling sports demonstrations. It's an opportunity for children and teenagers to discover new disciplines such as freestyle football.

Foreverlution is an urban lifestyle clothing brand created in 2019 that promotes urban culture such as football freestyle. We are very proud to be an official partner of this brand, which matches our values, and to wear t-shirts that are in line with environmentally friendly manufacturing. Stay on top and rock the colours of Switzerland with the brand new SFFA (Swiss Football Freestyle Association) shirt! Represent your country or support the Swiss community with this shirt!

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A Swiss quality product that symbolises a healthy, active lifestyle, FOCUSWATER is our favourite drink. Whether it's to recharge your batteries during an intense training session, or to give a boost before taking to the stage at a competition, this refreshing, vitamin-packed water is the best drink for Swiss freestylers. 

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