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2021 - After winning the Swiss competition for the second time becoming the first freestyler to have achieved it, Marc Jonin from Fribourg "Marki" faced Erlend who has been the best freestyler for years at the world championship in Valencia (Spain). Marki reached to the top 16.

Watch this battle !

2019 - After 7 years without a Swiss freestyle football competition, a new champion is born ! Marki won the final against Simon Müller "Simi" from Lucerne. Then, Marki flew towards Miami to compete against the best freestylers in the world.  

Watch this swiss championship !

2018 - The association Swiss Football Freestyle is created by Christopher Guillod "Chris" assisted by Nadir Ben Brahim and Valentin Favre "Valou" in the missions. The aim of this association was to give a second impulse to this discipline in Switzerland after the big work done by Urban Level since 2008 which had allowed this discipline to grow in many ways. The association became official and recognized by the WFFA (World Football Freestyle Association).

2012 - Valou from Valais became the 2nd Swiss champion by winning the final against Migu from Argovie. Afterwards, he went to Lecce in Italy to represent Switzerland against the rest of the world. He lost a battle against the legend Sean Garnier from France. 

Video review of the Swiss championship!

2010 - The first Swiss championship was organised by Urban Level in Neuchâtel. Nadir Ben Brahim from the same region won the final against Jean-Noël Roche "J-No" from Geneva. Nadir travelled to South Africa to take part in the world competition. He finished in the top 16 and impressed the world community by his style. 

Check it out !

2010 - Urban Level created the first freestyle football school in the world, which trained some talents such as Adrien, Jimmy and Nedim. They performed all over Switzerland and abroad with J-No and Nadir, then with Valou who joined the team from 2011 and Marki from 2016. The Urban Level athletes performed more than 500 times for big brands like Coca Cola, Adidas, Puma, but also in football stadiums, on live TV and for charities until 2018. 

Video introduction of this school

35 shows with Valou in Switzerland

2008 - The Urban Level team was recently created. Friends J-No from Geneva, Nadir and Chris from Neuchâtel started publishing the first freestyle football videos in Switzerland. 

Street show in Lausanne

Chris' training in Neuchâtel

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